Attero, Retford, JMS


Recently Trev Carte, Site Supervisor, informed his work colleagues the sad news that his 5 year old daughter Myla Mae Carte was diagnosed with Wilms tumour.

All employees were wanting to help Trev and his family at such a difficult time and it was decided to set up a go fund me page. This was to raise funds to enable the family to have something to look forward to.

The generosity and kind words from people is so heartwarming.

After finding out Myla’s hair was starting to fall out the guys wanted to show their support even more. They’ve all had their heads shaved, even those who loved their hair including the Directors.

Shows just what sort of a work family these guys are, much respect to them all.

Please donate on the Go fund me page or donate cash.

More events will be taking place over the coming weeks, let’s get the Carte Family a trip of a lifetime to look forward to.